Our meeting tomorrow – Saturday 30th April

The meeting will commence at 14.00hrs (BST) and will be in two parts, a business part, followed up with a presentation, along with (time permitting) a group related discussion .   

Part 1 – AGM Business – Duration 1 to 1.5 hours – 2pm to 3.30pm (BST) approx – 

  • 1.       Welcome and Apologies
  • 2.       Minutes of last AGM and matters            arising
  • 3.        Receiving Reports  from
    •   the Chairperson –  on the Group’s activities and achievements against aims over the previous year
    •   the Treasurer – on the finances of the Group
    •   other Officers as deemed useful/necessary
  • 4.       Stepping down of existing Core Committee Officers – with thanks
  • 5.       Selecting/Voting in of new Core Committee Officers
  • 6.       Changes to constitution – shared, discussed and voted on prior to incorporation.
  • 7.       Any other business – any other matters or topics deemed relevant

Part 2a – The Society of Genealogists and Caribbean Family History  – 

Duration 1 hour approx – 3.30 to 4.30pm (BST)

Q & A

We are very pleased to welcome Wanda Wyporska, who recently joined our group , part of her heritage is Barbadian. The current, CEO of the UK based Society of Genealogists. She and the SOG have plans to connect further with the Caribbean community and Caribbean Family History research with upcoming projects. 

  1. Introduce the SOG – for those not clear on its aims and work – history, record holdings in outline, and current status.

2. Outline some of its aims and projects it is looking to engage in with respect to the Caribbean and other areas.

3. Give further details about a one day Caribbean and African diaspora Family History Conference that the CFHGroup has been invited to partner in.

Part 2b – If time allows, we hope to share and have a short discussion on some of our outcome goals for the year ahead. 

To join the meeting, email this link and we will send you the log in for the meeting. This meeting is free of charge for new attendees.

We hope to see you tomorrow!