Our next meeting – Saturday 30th April 2022

The next meeting of the Caribbean Family History Group will be this Saturday 30th April at 14.00hrs (BST) via Zoom. This meeting will include our AGM.

We are currently evaluating where we are in terms of skills that would help us progress the group.  As such if you have any of the following skill-sets, and are interested in being further involved with our group then do let us know:

  • Group Secretary skills  
  • Website related activities (**setting up, maintaining, updating/adding information to)
  • Social Media skills (as above**)
  • Communication for the group – email and other correspondence
  • Events Coordinator skills/interest

Our constitution makes clear the conditions for being part of or contributing to the group’s activities as a member of the Core Committee – for example 6 months active membership to be eligible to serve on our Core Committee.  So, do request a copy of the constitution if the above skill-set areas relate to and interest you. 

Please note again that not being in the UK is not prohibitive to you being further involved.  One of our Core Committee Members lives in Jamaica, and we organise our meeting times for her to join with us accordingly. 

Our AGM is the opportunity for members to let us know what they would like us to cover at our research meetings in the coming year, so if you have any topics you would like us to cover, please share at the meeting.

To register for the meeting, please email this link with your details and we will email you the meeting link. Our annual membership fee is £20 which is payable through the Parish Chest.

We hope to see you on Saturday.