Our February meeting – 25th February 2023

The next meeting of the Caribbean Family History Group is tomorrow, Saturday 25th February 2023 at 14.00 hrs (GMT)

This meeting will extend the ‘beginner’s’ topic of our January meeting by touching on talking to relatives wherever they are, and how the stories and heritage they hold in their memory banks can help us make connections and pass through certain brick walls that might otherwise stay unbreached. Thereafter, we plan to have a discussion by sharing our own research journeys, assisting each other when possible..

The meeting will start with two examples from Carlston W’s  recent visit to the island of Nevis when an unplanned meeting and a second sought encounter led to information that has progressed to filling in gaps in his family tree.

Please come to the meeting with perhaps a brick wall that you can share both visually and verbally or any learning or tips that you feel will be of benefit to others. It may even be something you don’t think is that significant – please do share – it may help others.

As ever, paid members and first time attendees who notify us of their intention to join will be sent joining instructions close to the 25th February.  

To everyone else, a payment of £5 is due, using the link: Caribbean Family History Group | Parish Chest.

Please email here to register for the meeting.

Thank you for being part of our group journey so far, long may that continue.