Our June meeting

Thank you for joining us at our meeting last Saturday. We would like to welcome our new visitors from overseas and the UK as well as our current members. Our main topic following our AGM was ‘Talking to Elders’ . I think we would all agree, how important it is to talk to elders now. We discussed possible ways of how we could do this. The most important thing is to write everything down! Here are some reminders:

Simple vs Researched sourcing of who to interview and when

Simple – 

  • make a list from your memory
  • start with the oldest relatives first ideally, unless other issues mean others are first
  • when learning your interview technique – practice with easier relatives closer to hand – e.g parents, uncles etc..
  • when interviewing one relative – do find out who else they might recommend you to talk to


A more systematic approach to identifying ‘elders’/those with knowledge in extended family by doing descendency research 

Approach – 

1. Do accurate ancestry research to find 

  • as many/ all extra offspring of parents, grandparents and great grandparents
  • as many/ all siblings of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents
  • Target any who are alive for interview – then do: 2)

2. Do Descendency Research  

  • find all the offspring (descendants of these relatives in 1) above and from among them
    • Target any who are alive
    • Target eldest to youngest to interview (unless other factors dictate other order)

Make a note – our next meeting is on Saturday 25th July 2020 at 14.00BST. Hope to see you there!