Research meeting and AGM 27 April 2024

This Saturday 27 April 2024 will be our monthly research meeting and Annual AGM.

This will take place between 2-4pm. BST

It will be online via Zoom

Also you may attend at the Solihull Core Library at this time.

The meeting this Saturday will focus on

  • AGM
  • Review of 2023-24
  • Review of roles across the core committee
  • 5-Steps Process to research

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday. If you have not received the link directly, please email us here to advise us you wish to attend.

If joining us as a new group member or just to attend as a one-off, then just follow the Parish Chest link below to make your payment and then let us know so that meeting instructions can be sent to you.

–  Caribbean Family History Group | Parish Chest