Our January meeting

Thank you to those who attended our January meeting. We had an interesting and collaborative meeting where ideas and information were exchanged throughout. Attendees were researching a number of different islands including Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, St KItts & Nevis, Jamaica, St MartIn and Curacao.

We started with an update on the release of the England and Wales 1921 census . This was followed by attendees from worldwide locations talking about their Caribbean Family History successes . We also discussed the advantage of reading about the historical issues of the time of our ancestors. This helps build context around the difficult times encountered. Some books are mentioned below with some useful websites.

Alex Renton – Blood Legacy

Matthew Parker – The Sugar Barons

Richard Atkinson – Mr Atkinson’s Rum Contract

Madeleine E Mitchell – Jamaican Ancestry, How to Find Out More

Andrea Stuart – Sugar in the Blood

Diahan Southard – Your DNA Guide

To obtain copies of wills/probate for a death after 1857 in England and Wales – https://www.gov.uk/search-will-probate ( this site is undergoing maintenance at present)

Our next meeting is on Saturday 26th February at 14.00hrs GMT when we will have a presentation from Family Tree Maker. Please join us then. Email us here with any queries and to register for the next meeting.