Have you Jewish ancestry in Jamaica?

One of our committee has traced his family line from Portugal to Jamaica via Holland and the United Kingdom. A remarkable story of migration across the world by different generations. He started his research pre the internet which meant many visits to archives and manually searching for information. Thankfully today many archives are digitized which does make our research easier. Listen to Steve’s story here, of how he put together his family’s massive jigsaw!

This talk was commissioned by the founders of Sephardic World, David Mendoza of London and Ton Tielen of Amsterdam. http://sephardicgenealogy.com . Set up in May 2020, during the lockdown, it has weekly Sunday Zoom meetings, featuring different Sephardic topics of Jewish historic interest from around the world, aimed at a worldwide audience.  There is a section, on their list of countries, for Jamaica, with useful Jewish links and information, including this presentation on YouTube.

Steve has always had a love of his native Jamaica and a passion for learning its history and this follows on into researching family connections to that history.  There have been many surprising results and revelations on that journey, during the past 50 years.

Some websites you may wish to use in your research :